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    KJ Property Management specializes in property maintenance and management. We have a proven track record in managing condominiums, office and commercial buildings.

    Taking the hassle out of property maintenance

    How Do We Help You

    • Administer building maintenance account in accordance with Strata Titles Act and Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act.
    • Collect service charges, water charges, sinking fund, insurance and quit rent from purchasers/strata title owners.
    • Prepare monthly financial report which meet the requirement of Strata Title Acts.
    • Prepare monthly Operational and Technical Report.
    • Ensure all maintenance works are carried out systematically in good workmanship at competitive pricing.
    • Employ, administer and supervise staff and servicing contractors to achieve optimum physical standard and services for the subdivided buildings.
    • Undertake periodical physical inspections to ensure all building components are maintained in accordance with good maintenance practice.
    • Enforce House Rules stipulated by Developers under the Sale and Purchase Agreement as well as house rules made by Management Corporations / Joint Management Body (JMB).
    • Advise and guide the developer on the formation of Joint Management Body (JMB) and subsequently Management Corporations (MC) on issuance of Strata Titles.
    • Prepare draft notices and the necessary forms for Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Management Corporation / Joint Management Body (JMB).
    • Co-ordinate the running of AGM of Management Corporations / Joint Management Body (JMB).
    • Advise JMB/MC on their functions and duties.

Services Services Services

  • Other Services

    Project Management

    • Sales and marketing assignments
    • Sales administrative work (eg billings and collection of progress payments)

    Advisory Services

    • Market-related information on market value, rents, yields & rates of return on investment
    • Advice on Local Authority Law and Taxes, Insurance requirements
    • Advice on any changes of existing laws and regulations affecting properties

    Property Consultancy

    • Professional services on property valuations, property development, dispute resolution, turn-around exercise and market and feasibility studies.